these are some songs i wrote. if ya dig, let me know.


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Hi, My Name is Rand


My name is Rand. Here are some things to know about me. I like road trips and dancing and good beer and basketball. I love getting lost in conversations and music and good company. And long walks on the beach. Who doesn’t love long walks on the beach?

This is going to be a group effort, so I had to make sure that we’re properly introduced. Being as incredibly famous and world-renowned as I am can be intimidating, but please feel free to email me and we can chat and maybe even be friends if things work out. Music and life are a whole lot more fun together.

A wise man once told me that a songwriter’s job is to make somebody feel happy or loved or less alone. We all want to write the songs that make people cry, but that’s not the only reason people listen to music. We already do plenty of crying on our own. Bringing hope into someone’s life is sometimes a nobler goal. That doesn’t mean we need to sugarcoat – nobody’s soul benefits from pure fiction. But “based on a true story” – now that’s a song that might bring some light in. 

So listen with your eyes closed or your feet moving or maybe both if you’re feeling up to it. Give yourself a chance to feel something, sing loud, be brave. 

- Rand